The Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Heritage declares that There is much money that is earned from ape tourism and the entire tourism business but it is very unfortunate that the community is given only %20  of gate fees collected while the rest of the money is given to the national treasury.  In the past 30 year the apes and gorillas specifically have transformed from being simple animals and have become the top three tourism attractions in Uganda in  and therefore collected  $662 million which is about Shs1.65b in 2010 only and  contributed 1 billion which is 9.2% to the GDP of the country.

A report from a Wildlife case study done in 2010 in Queen Elizabeth National Park about the impacts of Crop Raiding on Household Food Security in the Albertine Rift indicates that areas around the conserved location faced a problem of food shortage by at an average of 14% every year compared to locations far away from protected areas. This problem is attributed to regular crop invasion and livestock havoc by the wild animals from the protected area. It also true that places around these parks have very low social capital although this is not as a result of the existence of the park.

Unfortunately people who live around the park are in pure poverty because after enclosing off the land for conservation and yet they do not have an alternative source of income, Lake Edward In Queen Elizabeth national Park, This where people get income, but it was reserved and now crocodiles have found a home in the lake. And this is why many times they decide to intrude a little bit so they can grow food for home consumption only which destroys the home for the wildlife and also means the spread of diseases easy.

Mr. Augustine Basabose who is the species conservation coordinator and DR Congo country representative to the African Wildlife Foundation said that so many people around national park depend on natural resource for instance people around Virunga National Park face a problem of water scarcity and they have got to enter into the forest to get water and because people come close to these animals, they do get diseases fro m animals.  Animals can acquire deadly diseases when people come near them.

Mr. Ian Redmond of the UN Environment Programme Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals asked to have ape protection added as an important project of Reduction of Emissions by UN through the Forest Deforestation and Degradation scheme. The  apes will assist protect forests through dispersing off the seeds in their wastes and people can also get involved in different activities  like bee keeping to fight poverty.

Mr. Akankwasah Barirega acting Principal Wildlife Officer at the Tourism ministry mentioned that they about to find means through which people around the parks can gain from the money got from the parks. They are thinking of improving on their marketing skills so the number of tourists increase from 87,000 to one million and in the long run they will be able to raise enough money to cater for the demands of these people, he added. Apes through seed dispersal, they help to keep the forest in existence.


D Leng Photography

This year has been full of changes for me and my family as we embark on a couple new adventures together.  Our first adventure was when I decided to pursue my dream of becoming a photographer and started my own photography business.  Yes, the fear of failure was overwhelming but my passion for photography was too strong to ignore.  When you discover something that you truly love, you have to follow your heart and go for it – to not try, is failure in itself.

Our second adventure was entering the world of kindergarten as my son, Kaleb started his first day last week.  Although two completely very different adventures, both have similar elements to them – the excitement  of trying something new, the apprehension of the unknown, and the courage to face our fears head on.  Of course, there are always bumps along the road and sometimes you fall…

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Classic Luxury Gorilla Holiday – 9 Days

This is a 9 day Classic Luxury gorilla Holiday taking you for the very best gorilla trekking experience in Uganda, Africa. This trip will take you to Bwindi to trek the endangered Mountain gorillas and includes a wildlife adventure safari to Uganda’s best game parks that host incredible wildlife. From meeting the gorillas to adventures in the tree climbing lions’ sector of Ishasha, trip safari has it all.


You will be picked from your Kampala Hotel and start your journey by road to Lake Mburo National park. A stop over at the Equator for formative talk and souvenirs. Afterwards proceed to the park via Masaka, check in at your Mihingo Lodge.  After lunch you will take a boat tour and a game drive in the evening.  . Dinner and overnight at luxury Mihingo Lodge.

Morning cup of Tea and have a guided nature walk before traveling to Bwindi. The drive to Bwindi Gorilla Park is long but rewarding with panoramic views of the green vegetation and traditional homesteads. You will have a stop over at the equator for craft shopping and lunch will be in Mbaraa then continue to the gorilla trekking safari park of Bwindi reaching the park headquarters  late in the evening. You will check in at your lodge for dinner and overnight stay at Luxury Gorilla Forest Camp.

Gorilla safari highlights of the day:  morning cup of coffee and search for the mountain gorillas in the jungle forest of Bwindi!! Gorilla trekkers will take the most exciting and memorable activity of trekking the Mountain gorillas in the thick jungle. The time spent trekking depends on the movement of these gorillas, it’s a bout 2 to 8 hours. Before you start the trekking you should Expect to hike for a long distance under muddy and steep conditions before seeing the great apes in the Jungle. The gorilla trekking experience obviously rewarding as you sit, play and talk to them.  To protect the gorillas and visitors, no one with communicable diseases such as diarrhea is allowed to visit the gorillas. After trekking you will return to your lodge for dinner and overnight stay at Gorilla Forest Camp

Morning cup of coffee, optional activity before traveling to Queen Elizabeth is a guided community walk. You may take part in some of the local activities like digging and harvesting Tea. After the cultural walk we drive to Queen Elizabeth National Park for the wildlife trip and game viewing safari. The journey to Queen Elizabeth National Park will take through the unique and attractive southern sector of the park, known as Ishasha and famous the rear tree-climbing lions not located in other parks of Uganda.             Before we reach our lodge we may a wildlife antelopes, buffalo, warthogs and Elephants.  Dinner and overnight at luxury Mweya safari lodge.

This morning will start with a cup pf tea afterwards a game drive in Queen Elizabeth National park in search for the early risers.  While on the game tour you will see wild animals like buffaloes, elephants, lions and other more wildlife before retiring to your lodge for Lunch. Boat trip along the Kazinga channel will be the highlight for your afternoon tour.  The Kazinga channel offers a good spot for birders with a variety of bird species. Animals to see include school of hippos, buffaloes, warthogs and elephants. Dinner and overnight at luxury Mweya safari lodge.


Morning cup of tea, the highlight of this day will be Chimpanzee trekking in Kyambura Gorge. The journey to trek the Chimps in Kyambura Wildlife Reserve will take you through green and grass covered area, amazingly you reach the deep chimpanzee gorge, surrounded by tropical rain forest. This morning chimpanzee trek will lead you into the gorge of River Kyambura in search of our closest relatives the chimpanzee primates. The hiking offers you a rewarding and Africa Adventure safari, other activities include butterfly watching and birding safari.  After the chimpanzee trekking experience we will say goodbye to Queen Elizabeth National Park and head to via Fort portal Luxurious Mountains of the moon

Travel for your wildlife safari to Murchison Falls National Park, You will have your parked lunch. You will tour the magnificent top the falls to see how the calm Nile is transformed into a thunderous roar of white foam fall about 50metres deep. Proceed to your lodge as you see animals grazing dinner and overnight stay at Luxury Chobe Safari Lodge.

Early morning coffee at Chobe Safari Lodge. The safari highlight this day will be a classic   game viewing tour and boat trip along the River Nile in the Afternoon.   Dinner and overnight luxury Chobe Safari Lodge.
DAY 9: Drive back to Kampala
This morning Kaniyo Pabidi forest will open its doors for your chimpanzee trekking safari before traveling to Kampala.  Then drive to Kampala with a stopover for your lunch reaching Kampala n the afternoon. Uganda safari


Bwindi Impenetrable forest
Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable Forest possesses half of the world’s total world mountain gorilla population. And that is for an endangered species. probably more than any other place on earth,  But that is not all. On top of other wild animals, Bwindi boasts over 300 species of birds, over 200 species of butterflies, over 200 species of trees. It is located near Kanungu district and takes between six to eight hours to drive from Kampala. Permits for gorilla tracking can be got from Uganda Wildlife Authority offices in Kampala

Queen Elizabeth National Park
This vast expanse of savannah grassland in South-western Uganda is a habitat to over 95 mammals along with 612 bird species. Its boundaries stretch all the way to the foothills of the Rwenzori Mountain ranges, creating such a fine view of the mountains. The animal range here will not miss the buffalo, elephant, lion, and antelope, among others. Views of rift valley escarpments add even more flavour to an already spiced scenery.
It is easily accessible by public transport, on a five to six hour drive through Mbarara from Kampala. It boundaries span Kasese, Kamwenge, Bushenyi and Rukungiri districts. While at the park, you can also launch trips on the Kazinga channel, track chimpanzees, view birds, and take guided walks through Maragambo Forest. The Equator crosses right through the park. The lakes George and Edward and the interconnecting Kazinga channel are attractions as well. Tree climbing lions also feature in the South of the park.

Murchison Falls National Park
This is arguably, the hottest cake on Uganda’s tourism plate. It is in this park that the magnificent Murchison Falls are found. The falls are a thing of beauty, a mixture of beauty and ferociousness that sees the River Nile plunge down 43 metres, in a narrow seven-metre gap in a rift valley escarpment, splashing against itself in a show of steamy wildness.
But that is not all. The park offers a sanctuary for the giraffe, buffalo, lion, hippopotamus, elephant, lions, buffalo, antelope, crocodile, shoe bill-stork, water buck, the Uganda kob, leopard in a list that simply cannot be exhausted here. It is Uganda’s biggest game park. It’s found in Masindi District, five hours and over 300 kilometres away from Kampala.

The Source of the Nile in Jinja
The source of the world’s longest river is in Jinja. The River Nile and Lake Victoria are so central to life in Jinja. After struggling the ruins of it’s the miscarriage in its industrial growth, the town now has a second lease at life, with tourism offering the new promise, according to a recent report by the East African newspaper. The source of the Nile, the Bujagali falls, the Kalagala falls, among other scenic sites, offer beautiful scenery and ideal spots for holiday and picnics. Bungee jumping, game fishing and white water rafting are other attractions.

Mount Elgon National Park
Apart from the mountain, the dense network of trees that surrounds it offers a habitat to a range of wildlife and offers opportunities for bird-watching and mountain climbing. It is found in the East, in Mbale and Kapchorwa. The Sipi falls, in Kapchorwa district on one side of the mountain, are such a wonder to behold. This is also accessible by public transport and is only about three to four hours away from Kampala.

Rwenzori Mountain Ranges
In Kasese, lying right along the equator is a spot that snows all year round, Mahgerita, the peak of Mountain Rwenzori. Anybody that loves mountain climbing would find the challenge of scaling the heights of Mount Rwenzori a very worthy test of their resolve. But there’s more. The mountain’s slopes are blessed with a unique blend of Moorland and Montane vegetation. Bird watching is also possible at some spots on the ranges.


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